We are Zuruba, an Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble. We are a collective, bringing together professional musicians, students of our percussion school, and anyone else who wants to play. We are men, women, black, white, gay, straight.

Together, we have one mission: to bring a positive vibe, happiness, and to make the world dance. And we never fail in our mission. Our rhythms are powerful and explosive, our energy infectious; it is nearly impossible not to move with us. We have entertained crowds of all shapes and sizes, both locally and internationally. We are all about the spirit of togetherness, and it starts with our instruments.

At the foundation is the thundering bass of the surdos and contra-surdos. Next we have the machine-gun speed and clarity of the repeniques and snares. Add to the mix the full-bodied sound of the timbao and djembé, our secret weapon (dancers inspired from Brazil and Africa), and you’ve got all the ingredients for an all-out Afro-Brazilian explosion!

Our enthusiasm and passion are rooted in our commitment to equality – to a society free from racism, sexism, homophobia, and war. We have helped ‘drum up support’ for literally hundreds of causes: for AIDS research, women’s rights, Pride Week, and children living in poverty, to name a few.
Our seed was planted over 20 years ago after founder and chef d’orchestre Martin Bonin visited 35 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South America and learned to play djembé, congas, and many more instruments. While in Africa, he had a dream of starting his own percussion ensemble in Québec. He was inspired in Brazil when he discovered the batucada.
And 10 years later, in 1997………… We came to life !